Glamour and Ritz

My notebook of travels and experiences

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Charcoal face pack review

Hey guys. I got my hands on the @skinsalad charcoal facemask. Firstly it’s vegan, organic and not tested on animals! My skin being highly sensitive, I first did a patch test on my arm and as soon as I washed it off, it felt so soft and smooth. So I was definitely excited to try […]

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Be your own kind of beautiful

Such a simple sentence yet so deep. Throughout our lives we are given notions about beauty. For instance, in India, people ask for fair, tall, slim brides, clearly mentioned even in the matrimonials, however the guy may look! And it doesn’t end here; too slim, too fair, too tall. Expectations are endless. Consciously or subconsciously […]

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To color or not to color

Hey beautiful ladies, I have an announcement to make. I colored my hair… Wait for it… Red! So if you know me, I’ve always experimented with my hair in the form of streaks, rebonding, smoothening and different hairstyles. I have periods of quiescence, where I let my hair be, get some hair spas done (I […]

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This gorgeous Greece island is a party in itself: Sun sand sea and celebrities. This town has its own swag. Part of the Cyclades, located between the islands Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos, it has gorgeous Cycladic architecture. It’s timeless beauty is mirrored through the blue, white and hints of colour scattered around. Famous for it’s windmills, […]

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Istanbul diaries

Less like lamps, more like m&m’s. Roaming the colourful, luminous shops in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul with my one and only! The Grand Bazaar is great to shop for souvenirs and home decor items. You can even get them shipped. Bought some livid lamps! But most of all, loved strolling mindlessly around the flashing shops! […]

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